P.E.R. – Company Information

Over the last few years, PER has consistently transformed the way that people can access information.

We are inspired by the genuine belief that we can change the world for the better.

We simplify; any information, in any format, without losing the message.

PER has four core principles that guide us in delivering on our mission. These include customer obsession rather than competitor focus, nurturing a passion for invention, maintaining a commitment to operational excellence, and a focus on long-term thinking.

Customer Obsession is where we get our energy from.  PER wants to do the best for our customers.

We foster a culture of innovation and invention within our business and always find ways to simplify.

By prioritising the customer experience, we aim to ensure that we maintain trust in our company.

We invest for the long term and will continually refine and improve our offerings based on customer feedback.

Group Structure

  • EasyRead.info
    • Our flagship accessibility design service.
    • w: www.easyread.info
    • e: info@easyread.info
    • t: +44 (0) 755 735 5332
    • ‘Information. Formats. For all.’
  • Intrestr
    • Web Design, SEO & Social Media services.
    • Content creation specialists.
    • Adwords management.
    • Branding, marketing & converting sales.
  • Niche Sports Media
    • Niche content creations consultancy.
    • Social media growth & moneterisation advice.
  • Coming soon/In Development:
    • ‘Komms’ – A Niche Communications Consultancy.
    • EasyRead-ESOL – Accessible language learning.

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How We Operate

PER is a global business with a local focus.

We understand the value of personal connections and the benefit of close ties to our customer and contractors.

To achieve this we dedicate time to fostering true relationships, taking time to get to know those we work for and with.

In fact, we dedicate 25% of our time to just this.

Key Facts

P.E.R (Ltd) is headquarted and incorporated as a company in the United Kingdom.